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t counts, a time for action or ▓risk losing the child, perhaps for the rest of their lives. They must alert the people nearby and issue out a public appeal; but if the child was abducted by a total stranger then more should be done than just to conduct a search.'Amber Alert' for China


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In the United States, law enforcement authorities cooperate with the public to issue announceme▓nts when a child goes missing, which a▓re known as 'Amber Alerts.'When local police determine a child has really gone missing, they a▓lert other police officers and the local media by announcing the identity of the missing child an

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▓d encourage people to be on the look-out, which in police terminology is called a BOLO (be on the lookout).Accordingly, China’s Ministry o▓f Public Security (MPS) has launched similar alerts, but with a hi-tech upgrade. The ‘

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Emergency Response System,’ commonly called, "Reu▓nion," that uses a mobile APP for messaging the public.The 'Reunion' APP ensures more efficient▓ sharing of public information and better collaboration betw▓een law enforcement officials. Citi▓zens, who sign on to the APP, receive push notifications that provi

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de the identification and ▓description of a missing child.China launched the 'Reunion' system in May, 2016 and it has been succes

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sful in locating over 1,274 missing children, as of May 22, 2017, one year after ▓its launch.AI facial recognitionMore than 20,000 children▓ are reported abducted in China each year. Some ex

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perts claim the real figures could be even higher ▓since some families are reluctant to reveal crimes committed against them.But much-needed help is on the way. The

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Chinese hi-tech firm, Baidu, has in▓troduced new Artificial Intelligence (▓AI) facial recognition technology that has played a pivotal role to help missing children reunite wit

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